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Help and Documentation (Limited)

FlexNA is still in beta and documentation is currently limited; however, every class in the FlexNA library has full XML documentation, so code hints and informative tooltip popups will be available within Visual Studio.

If you like FlexNA and find it beneficial, you can show your support by donating to its development. Each donation of $10 will finish one tutorial in the list below. A donation of $20 will create an additional tutorial of your choice. Please see the Contribute page for more information on donating and other ways to help support FlexNA's development.

FlexNA Tutorials

  • Creating a FlexNA Application (Pending Support)
    This tutorial will show you how to get started creating FlexNA applications using the FlexNA 1.0 Windows Application Project Template for C#.
  • Building a GUI with FlexNA controls (Pending Support)
    Learn how to use the classes contained within the FlexNA.Application.Interactive namespace to create a unique GUI for your application or game.
  • Extending SpriteBatch with Renderer2D (Pending Support)
    Renderer2D inherits from XNA's SpriteBatch class and provides an easier and more robust interface for drawing 2D graphics. It inherits from and provides all the base functionality of SpriteBatch, allowing extended features without sacrificing compatibility.
  • Post-Processing Effects (Pending Support)
    FlexNA 1.0 currently supports a full-screen bloom and blur post-processing effect. This tutorial will show you how to use the FullScreenBloom, FullScreenApplicator, and BloomSettings classes to add this effect to your application or game.

Core Namespaces

  • FlexNA.Framework
    This namespace contains basic helper classes and common classes used by other classes throughout the rest of the framework.
  • FlexNA.Framework.Application
    This namespace contains all the classes necessary to create a FlexNA application with FlexApp.
  • FlexNA.Framework.Graphics
    This namespace contains classes related to drawing and controling the appearance of graphics and text.
  • FlexNA.Framework.PostProcess
    This namespace contains classes to provide post-processing effects such as bloom and blur.
  • FlexNA.Framework.Resources
    This namespace contains classes which provide an easy way to access application content, such as: textures, shader effects, and fonts.