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About FlexNA

FlexNA is a .NET Framework Class Library built on top of the Microsoft XNA Framwork. It's designed to extend the power of XNA by providing powerful feature classes and supportive classes to enable users to more quickly and easily develop accelerated 2D graphics applications.

Framework Overview

FlexNA is a set of core classes and supporting classes that target the Microsoft XNA framework and the .NET Framwork 4 Client profile. FlexNA supports the Reach profile in XNA Game Studio, providing maximum compatibility across all Windows platforms.

FlexNA provides a unique framwork on which to build graphically intense games or applications. Graphics features and capabilities provided by XNA 4.0 are designed to be leveraged by FlexNA. This means that whatever XNA can do, FlexNA can extend and make easier. If you've used the XNA framework before and are aware of its capabilities, FlexNA should prove to be a nice complement to your game or application projects.

The XNA framework supports making all sorts of accelerated applications, not just games; and FlexNA is no different. In fact, FlexNA provides classes that tie the power of XNA into the power of Windows Forms to provide Windows event handling for making 2D accelerated windowed applications.

FlexNA is designed to run alongside XNA, not supplant it. You can choose to use as much or as little of the FlexNA features as you desire. For example, FlexNA provides a unique FlexApp class, which derives from XNA's Game class. In your own projects, you can choose to derive from the XNA Game object or from the FlexNA FlexApp object. Deriving from FlexApp opens up all of FlexNA's capabilities, allowing you to use a built-in text console, window management, and an input events messaging system, which provides the foundation for the FlexNA control library. Use the provided FlexNA 1.0 Windows Application Project Template for C# to ensure your code is set up properly to use these features.

Main Features

  • Simple, easy-to-use, flexible extension framework for XNA.
    FlexNA makes XNA better by expanding it and making it easier to use. It's unobtrusive and doesn't get in your way. Use the classes you want alongside existing XNA classes.
  • Jump-start your application development with FlexApp
    FlexApp is the foundation for the entire FlexNA application system and adds convenient options for customizing your Windows game, such as SetDisplayMode, making it easy to configure your application's appearance.
  • Sleek, simple, accelerated, customizeable GUI controls
    If you use FlexApp and the included project template, you'll be able to take advantage of FlexNA's control library, giving you access to GUI windows, buttons, textboxes, listboxes, and more.
  • Helper classes to assist in coding tasks
    FlexNA provides convenience classes that either extend existing XNA classes (such as MathHelperEx) or provide unique helper methods, such as IsPointWithin() and SetValidScissorRectangle(), located in the FlexMethods class.

What's the FlexNA name mean?

The name "FlexNA" derives it's meaning from making a more flexible XNA framework. The "ex" part of the name stands for "extending", since it is designed to extend the XNA framework to make it more useful and powerful.