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Contribute to FlexNA's Development

FlexNA is currently in beta and needs the support of people who actually find it useful in order for it to continue being developed. I started building this API around 2003. It started as a game engine for a 2D space exploration/conquest/empire building/role-playing game I was developing. As I added more functionality, it started to grow into a more general-purpose API that could be used as a foundation for making other games. I branched the game-engine off as its own class library around 2009 and have been developing it on and off since. It is now in a state that I feel could be useful to other XNA developers and so I'm making it available to the public.


Please see below for ways you can help contribute to FlexNA's development (if you feel so inclined).

Bug and Usability Testing

FlexNA needs people to simply use it and report any bugs found, random quirks encountered, or suggestions for improvement. Please see the Support page for information on how to report bugs, errors, or suggestions.

I've tested FlexNA extensively on my own and there should be no serious usability problems, but I need other developers to help iron out any remaining quirks. External testing by users is also crucial in order to fix performance issues and possible compatibility issues with various machine configurations.

Documentation, Tutorials & Videos

If you'd like to contribue an article or other documentation on FlexNA, please send an email (info under the Support page) with details on the article or documentation you'd like to provide and what feature or portion of FlexNA you're documenting. With your permission, I will edit the text and post it under the Help page for everyone else to see. If you don't want your work edited and published on this site, please feel free to post it on your own website, blog, or page. If you go this route, please send me a link so I can make your work available to people visiting this site.

Making a video showing off your creation using FlexNA or even a tutorial video showing how to use FlexNA would be immensely helpful. Please be sure to send me a link to your video if you make one so that I can post the link on this site.

Monetary Contributions

The simplest and easiest way to contribute to FlexNA is by making a donation. Any amount helps (anything over a dollar truly helps). Below are target donation amounts, what they will contribute, and what you will get in return.

Amount What It Contributes What You Get
$10 A tutorial written by me on a FlexNA subject1
+1 interest to continue development
Your name on the Donors List
You will be given the honorary title "Generous Donor"
$20 A custom tutorial written by me of your choice1,2
+5 interest to continue development
Greater Praise
Greater Satisfaction
Your name on the Donors List with a +1
You will be given the honorary title "Very Generous Donor"
$50 A new feature will be added in the next version
+10 interest to continue development
Super Praise
Super Satisfaction
Your name on the Donors List with a +2
You will be given the honorary title "Exceptional Donor"
You will be given credit for making the next version of FlexNA possible.
$100 A feature request of your choice3
+20 interest to continue development
Immense Praise
Immense Satisfaction
Your name on the Donors List with a +3 and special mention with a star (Donor Star)
You will be given the honorary title "Most Gracious Donor"
You will be given credit for making the next version of FlexNA possible as well as having your requested feature highlighted.

1. There is a limit to how many tutorials can be written. If it gets to the point where there are sufficient tutorials on this site, a different contribution will be determined at that time.
2. The tutorial must be related to a feature of FlexNA.
3. Please be aware that your feature request may not be possible due to technical limitations. The feature must be applicable to the FlexNA API in some way.

The current highest paying donor on the Donors List will be uniquely distinguished with "Top Donor" status and special emblem (Top Donor Emblem)

The total amount you donate will be tracked and your ranking and name on the Donors List will be updated accordingly. For example, if you donate two $10 amounts, your name will get a +1 next to it and your honorary title will be automatically changed to "Very Generous Donor." However, instead of getting the contribution of a custom tutorial of your choice (which you'd get from a single $20 amount), you will instead make the contribution of a non-custom tutorial twice (one for each $10 amount you donated).

If you wish to donate, please click the Donate button below.
Your payment information will be securely handled by PayPal.