About Me

Hello, my name is Aaron Misner and I'm a freelance, jack-of-all-trades, practitioner of technology and design. This is my personal home page.

I am the CEO of Pixel Arts™, a small software development and design company that focuses on strategy and simulation games. Below is a selection of projects I'm working on and the services I provide.

I currently reside in the Bellingham, Washington area.


Space | Unlimited™

Space|Unlimited™ is a 2D space exploration/conquest/role-playing game I've been developing off and on for nearly 6 years. It is still a long way off from being finished, but a playable version will be ready soon.

FlexNA™ Framework

FlexNA™ is a 2D graphics library built on top of the Microsoft™ XNA™ Framework. This is mostly a utility library made to extend the power of XNA by adding helpful methods, but it also provides its own unique GUI system to make it easier to create buttons, labels, and other UI controls for graphics applications.

FlexNA™ Homepage
FlexNA™ Developer Blog

Freelance Work

If you are a business or individual in need of particular one-off services, I can help with the following: